The prime minister referred to the reforms currently promoted by the government focusing on the tertiary education and stressed that reactions are expected by those “who have an interest in maintaining the status quo”. Expressed faith in the reforms that are being promoted and pointed out that “the decisions we make today will serve in the future as a reference point; a turning point in our country’s history.”
Papandreou ruled out the likelihood of snap elections, stressing that in 2013 the people will be called to assess the job done. 

KKE reaction to PM's invitation to dialogue

An invitation to political dialogue that Prime Minister George Papandreou extended to political parties, intellectuals and citizens, as well as, the planned establishment of a cross-party committee to discuss measures and policies that will safeguard institutions and prevent politically motivated violence, prompted the immediate response of the opposition Communist Party of Greece (KKE).
“The prime minister and his government are being deceived if they believe that they can squash the organised popular movement by utilising provocations and the ludicrous conflict between ruling PASOK and SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left parliamentary alliance),” the KKE statement underlined.