Infrastructures, Transport and Networks Minister Yiannis Ragoussis held talks with representatives of the taxi and cabs federation, while the ministry and the professional drivers had different assessments on what was discussed during the meeting.
No statements were made by the ministry's political leadership after the meeting, but an announcement was issued stressing that "the deregulation of the profession of taxis was discussed as it has already been achieved on the basis of law 3919 of 2011. The position of the political leadership, that was expressed in both meetings, is that the deregulation of the profession is proceeding normally on the basis of the rules that will be determined soon, as the law anticipates."

The announcement adds that the ministry's leadership requested the proposals of both unions, of owners and drivers, on the content of the rules on the basis of which the issuing of new taxi licences will be carried out.
On their part, the owners claim that at the meeting a three-month negotiating period was agreed and that discussions will begin on a zero basis.