A French vessel from the Free Gaza flotilla sailed into the port of Siteia, Crete, at midnight Wednesday, where harbor authorities were inspecting the vessel and its papers.
It was as yet unknown where the "Dignite-Al Karama", with eight people on board, had set sail from, but according to information the vessel left Corsica on June 26.

Two more ships of the Gaza flotilla remained anchored in Cretan ports, the "Guernica" in Hania and the "Tahrir" in Aghios Nikolaos.

The vessels, carrying aid to Gaza, have been banned from leaving Greek seaports by decision of the Greek citizens' protection ministry, following a request by the "Quartet" on the Middle East (US, Russia, EU, UN) that all governments should use their influence and prevent the departure of the flotilla for Gaza.

The Freedom Flotilla II plans to break an Israeli blockade and deliver aid to Gaza.

Greece, which has called for an end to the blockade and the reopening of Middle East peace talks, earlier in the week proposed undertaking an initiative to use Greek vessels to route humanitarian aid to Gaza through regular existing channels.