Gradual climate change is having a negative impact on the health of the Greek people and the economy, according to a Bank of Greece (BoG) report “on the environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change in Greece” prepared by the Climate Change Impacts Study Committee presented in parliament on Thursday.
Parliament's Special Permanent Committee on Environmental Protection Chairman Kostas Kartalis underlined the need for immediate changes in the way cities are built and the methods used in the management of water resources.
According to the report, climate change will have a considerable negative impact on many sectors in Greece. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, transportation, coastal activities and the built-up environment in urban centres will all be affected by the rise in air temperature, drought, extreme weather events and a rise in sea levels. This will lead to lower productivity, loss of capital and additional expenditure for damage repair. Biodiversity, ecosystems in Greece and human health will be negatively affected.
The report was presented to the parliamentary committee by Christos Zerefos, member of the Academy of Athens and Coordinator of the Climate Change Impacts Study Committee.