Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis on Thursday referred to the Austrian government’s positive stance toward Greece, in statements after meeting here with his counterpart and Austrian vice-chancellor Michael Spindelegger.
In a joint press conference, Lambrinidis pointed out that the second package of economic measures voted recently in the Greek parliament is more ambitious than the first and assured that there will be no delays in its implementation, underlining the Greek government’s determination, the sacrifices made by the Greek people and the support of the Austrian government and the Austrian people.
The foreign minister also pointed out the importance of boosting economic growth in Greece while implementing reforms.
He stressed that no euro will be wasted from the money invested by Austria despite the rumours of economic collapse that circulated in the past 18 months, adding that this is a pledge on behalf of the Greek government.
Lambrinidis referred to the major developmental programme that is being launched in Greece and stressed that economic growth is as important as fiscal stabilization not only in Greece but in Europe as well. The opportunities for major investments in Greece were also discussed.  
He underlined that the number of tourist arrivals in Greece has recorded a notable increase of up to 15 pct and expressed the wish that the number of Austrian tourists will increase as well. He also invited his Austrian counterpart to visit the country this summer.  
The foreign minister and his Austrian counterpart also referred to the Western Balkan countries’ EU accession prospect, stressing that it will play an important role in regional peace and stability by contributing to the region’s economic growth.  
On the Middle East, the two sides stressed that the democratic vision of the peoples in the region can be realized with Europe’s support.  
On his part, Spindelegger said that they discussed the reforms and decisions taken by the Greek parliament and stated that he is willing to help Greece receive as soon as possible the European funds it is entitled to.
They also discussed the imminent privatizations and the interest expressed by Greece in the participation of Austrian investors.

FM Lambrinidis speaks to foreign media in Vienna

Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis stressed his conviction that "we do not deserve a Europe, where one turns against the other in a period of crisis" and the need for a strong Europe that no other political force in the world will be able to compete against, while replying to questions by the international media during his joint press conference with his Austrian counterpart Michael Spindelegger in Vienna.
As he said, he commits himself to struggle so that Europe will remain steadfast on the principle of solidarity, which is one of the basic principles of the European Union and this is his vision. He also said that the strength of Europe is in that a total of 500 million people have joined their forces in foreign policy, the economy, investments.
Lambrinidis also said that great changes are taking place that are essential and that "what we want is to forge ahead."