A 42-year-old woman, a Turkish national, wanted by German authorities who have issued a warrant for her arrest, and a 50-year-old man, also a Turkish national, were arrested in Thessaloniki on Thursday night during an operation conducted by the counterterrorism squad, it was announced on Friday.
The woman is allegedly a leading member of the Kurdish organization DHKP-C and is accused of extremist actions in Germany where, according to police sources, the specific organization is outlawed.  
The second individual arrived in Greece some time ago and has requested political asylum but his application has been initially rejected. He too is allegedly a member of the same organization but has no prior police record.
Both were arrested following a raid by the counterterrorism squad in their apartment acting on information, according to which, they had guns in their possession. However, the subsequent search revealed no hidden weapons and they were arrested on fake passport possession charges.
They will be led before a Thessaloniki prosecutor on Saturday.