Foreign investors liquidated positions worth 453.6 million euros in the first half of 2011 in the Athens Stock Exchange, while capital outflows in the period from May 2010 - when the memorandum was signed - until the end of June, totaled 949.71 million euros, official figures showed on Friday. An analysis of figures released by the Athens Stock Exchange showed also that foreign investors liquidated positions worth 1.088 billion euros in the Athens Stock Exchange in 2010. Foreign investors were net buyers in January (103.3 million euros), but they turned to net sellers in the next five months (February 3.1 mln, March 302.5 mln, April 96.3 mln, May 89.7 mln and June 65.3 mln).
On the other hand, Greek investors were net buyers in the market, opening new positions worth 459.85 million euros in the market.
A geographical distribution of foreign investors showed that investors from EU member-states were as follows: Luxembourg 30 pct, Cyprus 20 pct, UK 18 pct, France 11 pct, Germany 9.0 pct and 12 pct other countries. Investors from countries outside the EU were: US 50 pct, Switzerland 11 pct, Cayman Islands 9.0 pct, Virgin Islands (UK) 4.0 pct, Canada 3.0 pct and 23 pct other countries.