It is in everyone's interest to "lower the tones" and put emphasis on development, foreign minister Stavros Lambrinidis said on a private radio station on Friday, noting that he has been stressing this to his counterparts on his visits to European countries.
So long as a sense is cultivated in society that the Greeks are iniquitous, that Greece has sinned -- regardless of whether it has violated a major responsibility it had to abide by the rules effective for everyone, the harder it is for them themselves to take the necessary measures to help the country, Lambrinidis said.
He also reassured that no national issue is at risk due to the difficult economic situation in Greece, adding that, with respect to the Balkans, Greece is not giving up its role but, on the contrary, is seeking a way to return to the role of protagonist.
On the Exclusive Economic Zone, he said that this is Greece's right and that the country will exercise it whenever it sees fit.
On the Aegean continental shelf and a prospective recourse to the International Court of Justice at The Hague, Lambrinidis said that exploratory negotiations are underway with Turkey, adding that if the matter is not resolved, the Greek government's volition is a joint recourse to The Hague.