Prime Minister George Papandreou held consecutive meetings in Parliament with Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis and the political leadership of the Education ministry and the Finance ministry.
Lambrinidis briefed the prime minister on the contacts he had in Berlin and Vienna which he visited this week and in which, according to reports, he ascertained the formation of a more positive climate for Greece, particularly following the ratification of the medium-term programme. The meeting was also attended by Foreign ministry secretary general Ioannis Zeppos.
Lambrinidis is also expected to make a series of visits to other European capitals as well.
The meeting with the Education ministry's political leadership focused on the framework-law concerning third stage education and it was decided that the bill will be tabled in Parliament next week.
Lastly, the meeting between the prime minister and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos concerned economic developments in Greece and Europe.