A wildfire broke out on Sunday at the Balta site in the Keratea district of eastern Attica prefecture. The wildfire was burning brush and grassland in the late afternoon.
Another wildfire was reported in northern Evia island, with sizeable fire brigade forces, backed by 13 fire-fighting aircraft and helicopters, combating the blaze.
A third wildfire was reported near the disused quarries of Asvestohori, outside Thessaloniki in northern Greece.
Lastly, a wildfire reportedly started by a lighted cigarette in a gypsy settlement outside Thessaloniki was extinguished after burning nearby brushland and garbage heaps.
Meanwhile, fire brigade officials are examining the possibility of arson at the Balta site.
According to officials, the wildfire broke out simultaneously at three different locations at about a distance of 200 metres from each other. The fire burned about four hectares of brushland.