An opinion poll carried out by a local opinion poll firm for an Athens weekly gives the main opposition New Democracy party a 1.3-percentage point lead over the ruling PASOK.
According to the poll, ND received 17.8 percent of respondents' preference; PASOK 16.5 percent; the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) 7.5; the Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S) 5.7 and the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) 3.6.
Meanwhile, the newly formed Democratic Left party received 3.1, as well as new Panhellenic Citizens Movement showed support of 3.1 percent.
Moreover, 67.6 percent favour early elections if the government fails to achieve its targets by September.
The opinion poll was conducted by the Athens firm Kappa Research and published in the weekly "Vima".