A prosecutor has prepared a new indictment into the "fixed" football games case, in the wake of wiretapped phone discussions concerning people controlled by the owner of the second division Ilioupolis football club, who is currently in custody pending trial.
The new indictment has already been forwarded to an investigator assigned the entire case file.
Although the content of conversations is unknown, the period concerns a period from March 2011 -- as the January-March period is missing -- and conversations by Giorgos Tsakoyiannis, the head of the Ilioupolis club.
New charges concern three groups of individuals and offences and the prosecuting authority issued an order again  on the publication of the names of defendants who are included in this file of proceedings as well.
Charges in the first group concern the offences of establishing a criminal organisation, managing a criminal organisation, criminal fraud, bribery for the alteration of the result of a game and illegal internet betting.
Prosecution against the second group deals with charges of inciting and facilitating an organised group to carry out the offence of violence on the occasion of sports events (misdemeanor) with the defendants being G. Tsakoyiannis, Ioannis Papadopoulos, Olympiacos Piraeus president Evangelos Marinakis and other unknown perpetrators.
The case concerns the understanding reached for organized supporters of Olympiacos' "Gate 7" hooligans to be dispatched during a Korinthos-Panachaiki game last March, to create incidents so the team from Patras, owned by controversial attorney and football executive Alexis Kouyias, would be punished.