Fingers re-attachment operation successful

Τhe totally detached fingers of a 54-year-old Serb who was working at the Serbian Monastery on Mount Athos were successfully reattached following a difficult surgery performed in Thessaloniki.
The man, who in the past had lost his right hand index finger in an accident, was chopping wood when three of the remaining fingers on his right hand were caught in a chainsaw.

 The patient was initially taken to a state hospital and afterwards to the Interbalkan Medical Center where orthopaedic surgeon Constantine Ganatsios and vascular surgeon Constantine Gouvas successfully re-attached two of the three fingers.

According to the surgeons the third finger, the thumb, had been totally destroyed.

"This specific surgery is a very rare and difficult operation especially when the finger has been completely detached," noted Gouvas, who has successfully performed three similar surgeries in the past.

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