Health minister Andreas Loverdos on Tuesday denied that the assistance of doctors of a Xanthi hospital, in extreme northwest Greece, has been requested for alleged mass circumcision rite in a predominately Muslim minority village in the region. 
The minister was replying in writing to a question tabled by Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S) MP Kyriakos Velopoulos, who asked whether the ministry had been informed by the Turkish consulate in Komotini of the mass circumcisions of children of up to five years of age in the village of Drosero, while citing reports that a medical team from Turkey had arrived in the Xanthi-area community (Thrace province) to oversee the Muslim rite.
"Circumcision is a medical act that takes place in a surgery by a specialised urologist, in the presence of an anesthesiologist and doctors registered with the local Medical Association exclusively," Loverdos said in his reply, outlining the required procedure.
He also said that the Xanthi Medical Association was not aware of the exact time such a rite took place, nor any other details, beyond the information appearing in the local press.
As regards the ministry, Loverdos said no complaint or information regarding the issue has reached the ministry services, while the administration of the Xanthi Hospital was also informed of the event by the local media.