Europe must now make decisions of historic importance, Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed on Tuesday while addressing his cabinet.
He also announced his intention to take continuous initiatives for a final and viable solution to be given to the country's debt problem, in the interest of Greece and Europe.
He stressed that Greece must constantly be on the alert and consistently meet the obligations it has taken on.
The Greek government had warned from the start that the crisis was not confined to Greece and had proposed specific ways in which Europe might intervene that had not been heard by the conservative majority, Papandreou noted. Now, he added, more and more people were coming to realise what was happening.
In the period when Greece was trying to convince about the extent of the problem, the profiteers were acting unobstructed and the credit rating firms were exceeding, as is the case today as well, the jurisdictions and the authority of national parliaments, the prime minister also pointed out.
Papandreou further reminded that he had said from the beginning that an overall European solution is necessary, placing as first issue the managing of the debt, secondly the need for restructuring and of the participation of the banking and monetary system in the solving of the crisis and thirdly there should be a wide European growth programme.
He also remined that he had proposed the issuing of eurobonds, a position that the European Parliament adopted, as well as the "Tobin" tax on monetary transactions.
Commenting on the draft bill for universities, Papandreou stressed that this contained reforms of historic scope for a deep democratic and progressive change.
On the bill dealing with corruption of politicians and state officials, the prime minister stressed that a new legislative initiative was being launched in order to ensure that the more serious cases went to trial within a reasonable space of time.