Greek government spokesman Elias Mossialos on Wednesday set out the government's position on what a European solution for the Greek and eurozone debt can and should contain.
Mossialos referred to a "first stage of solutions", which should safely and firmly lead to the smooth management of the eurozone countries' debts and reduction of the cost of servicing the debts.
In a written statement, the spokesman stressed that the solution that will be given "must safeguard the Greek economy and every Greek family, and reduce the burden of the debt".
The Greek government has and will continue to move in that direction, with ensuring stability and the interests of the Greek people as its gnomon, and with the target of sustainable growth and restructuring of the country.
Mossialos further noted the commitments the country has undertaken, stressing that Greece "is determined to meet those obligations in a systematic way".
He also noted the efforts that have been made over the last 18 months by prime minister George Papandreou, putting forward a series of proposals for dealing with the problem, but added that "unfortunately, Europe delayed in responding" and opted to follow the events instead of preempting the developments.
Now, the spokesman said, Europe's hour has arrived. He said that the EU cannot exercise only a monetary policy, but is obliged to take decisions and create a long-term economic framework for building a competitive Europe that also manifests solidarity to all its member states.