A revision and acceleration of a national plan for regional development will bring an economic benefit of around 14 billion euros to the country’s real economy, under an agreement reached between EU Commission for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn and Greek Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis here on Thursday.
The package of measures agreed includes a positive fiscal impact on the current budget, worth 770 million euros, and savings worth 1.4 billion euros by 2013, as a result of a horizontal reduction of the national participation rate to 15 pct.
Additionally, the agreement offers the possibility to releasing 11 billion euros through a restart of five large road works, along with a program to support enterprises with direct liquidity, worth 500 million euros. Under the agreement, an increased technical assistance offered to the Plan will strengthen around 3,000 weak projects. Chryssohoidis, who holds the development, competitiveness & shipping portfolios, discussed a plan for a retrospective funding of affiliated programmes up to 100 pct from Community funds, with the aim to save around 4.8 billion euros from national coffers.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, he said funds from the plan were now available to the real economy, to enterprises and the work force.
“We have not won the war yet, but we have in our hands some clear, measurable benefits for the economy,” Chryssohoidis said.