Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Parliamentary group president Alexis Tsipras arrived here on Thursday to participate in a Party of European Left meeting on the current European crisis.
"We will try, as European Left, to elaborate in detail the alternative proposal for an exit from the crisis," Tsipras told the ANA-MPA.
"It has become evident that in this public debate which has been taking place for the past year and a half, all proposals are simply recycling the problem, they transfer the burden of the crisis on the workers' and pensioners' shoulders, aiming only at saving banks and big capital," Tsipras added.
He also noted that "all realise that the crisis is a European one and it is not due to the lazy Greeks. The crisis is knocking at Italy's door, and if there is no substantial political solution through writing off the greater part of the debt then inevitably the Eurozone risks collapse."
   Referring to the European Left's proposal for an exit from the crisis, Tsipras said that it was based on three axes, "the 'Europeanisation' of part of the debt, mainly through the European Central Bank, the selective writing off of part of the debt belonging to big banking groups and capital funds, and lastly a redistribution through an investments program."