Health Minister Andreas Loverdos on Thursday had a second meeting with nine of his predecessors at the health ministry that focused on primary health care. The former ministers agreed that the changes that will go into effect at the start of September, when the National Organisation for the Provision of Healthcare Services goes into operation, should proceed. They also presented their own proposals.
Loverdos said that the institution of a family doctor now seemed outdated and stressed that another solution had to be found for primary healthcare, while forecasting that a merger of health and social insurance into one ministry would make the system more functional.
After the meeting, Loverdos said the meeting had served as a breakthrough in achieving consensus: "For the first time they treated me as health minister of Greece, not the government."
The present and former health minister agreed to hold another meeting to discuss the issue of drug abuse, where Loverdos said his aim was to have eliminated the current "shameful" waiting list for the methadone programme, which currently had a seven-year backlog. He explained that methadone would now be administered by hospitals able to handle up to 30 or 40 users.