There is no danger of a Greek default, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos assured the public while speaking in Parliament on Thursday.
He urged Greeks to heed only "reliable information" given by the government and warned opposition parties and especially main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras to "avoid playing with words" at this crucial time.
At the same time, he repeated his call to the main opposition to strive for national unity on the difficult measures that need to be enforced, noting that "a simple act of consensus could reduce the burden for citizens".
"It is a decision that is already taken; the new programme will go into effect so that everything will be finished before September 15, at which time Greece must receive the 6th tranche - or what is now the first tranche of the new Programme. We took the
political decisions that the borrowing needs of the country will be covered and the political decision that the financing and liquidity needs of the Greek system will be covered. Playing with words at such crucial times must stop," he said.
The minister stressed that a battle was underway to stabilise and control the situation.
"The handling is delicate, is carried out according to a plan and will yield results. The term 'selective default' must not be translated into Greek in ways that are at the least populist," he warned.
"I call on the opposition to support the government and follow what we say with military precision, because the handling must be national and effective. And looking Greeks in the eyes, aware of their fears, I assure them that there is absolutely no problem with the Greek banking system. It is completely covered and secure in the framework of the euro-system of the European Central Bank and European central banks. The Bank of Greece operates as part of the euro-system and in the framework of the ECB's decision. There is aboslutely no problem in terms of security, liquidity and funding," he said.