The coming days will be particularly critical, prime minister George Papandreou told a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, referring to developments in Europe concerning the Greek debt.
He also noted that in the past few days Greece's partners in Europe "are speaking increasingly of and pressing for comprehensive solutions", as they are now "looking straight in the eye the truth" that the problem is not a Greek one by "a broader and structural problem for the future of the European countries".
In these conditions, Papandreou added, it is of particular importance to comprehend that "by doing our job, as Greece, with the greatest possible speed and efficiency, we are showing that Greece is moving in the orbit of sustainable development".
That, he added, "gives us also the ability to also face a Europe that many times, contrary to us, is slow and has difficulty in taking the required decisions".
Papandreou said that his government's target is to lighten as much as possible the burden carried today by the Greek people. The target is also to "go from a Greece of deficits to a Greece of production, creativity and surpluses", he added.
The premier called on his ministers to be in constant contact with the citizens, stand by their sides and keep them informed.
He further warned against allowing speculation by anyone, and of the importance of «not allowing anyone to play with words, purposely confusing, for example, the terminology used by the rating agencies in their technical ratings with painful situations for the real economy and the citizens, situations that we, with our actions and the sacrifices of the Greek people, succeeded in avoiding".