Police on Friday announced that they were holding two Albanian men, aged 21 and 31 years old, respectively, as suspects in the brutal robbery-turned-murder of an elderly couple in Veria last June. They believe the twin murder to be the work of a gang of four Albanians, two of which are still at large.
The two in custody were arrested in a Thessaloniki apartment and have confessed to the two killings, while a search is on for the other two suspects.
In addition to the Veria murders, the two suspects confessed to breaking into the house of a 42-year-old man in Volos and knifing their unlucky victim in the stomach when he disturbed them at their work.
In the Veria murders on June 26, the four men had tied, gagged and tortured their victims to death in order to make them reveal where they had concealed their money and jewellery. They finally came away with a small sum of money, jewels and personal effects of the victims and fled.
A coroner's report said that the 73-year-old pensioner died as a result of repeated blows to the head, while his 69-year-old wife died of suffocation.
Authorities were able to follow the gang's trail because of their mode of operation, which involved entering the victim's homes by climbing. They had struck in several locations in northern Greece in recent months.
During a search in the home of one of the suspects, police found and confiscated a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, a Tokareff sub-machinegun, three clips containing 63 shells, 137 shells of various calibres and quantities of loot taken in their various robberies, including some of the items taken from the home of the elderly couple.
Parked nearby, police found two private cars that had been stolen earlier in various parts of Thessaloniki.
They also discovered that there is an outstanding conviction against the 31 year old, issued by a Thessaloniki appeals court, sentencing him to eight years imprisonment for theft, as well as an outstanding warrant for his arrest issued by a Piraeus Appeals Court for smuggling drugs into a prison.
During the raid on the apartment, police arrested two Albanians aged 16 and 20 years old in connection with a case of theft and for possession of 513.2 grammes of hashish.