The number of registered unemployed people totaled 687,173 in June, the Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) said on Friday. The organization, in a report, said that 42.43 pct of unemployed people were men (291,577) and 57.7 pct women (395,596). This figure is up 0.32 pct compared with the previous month, OAED said.
The number registered unemployed in June was stable, but the number of unemployed people receiving unemployment benefits fell by 11.06 pct. New hirings fell 13.2 pct in June, while lay-offs dropped 14.5 pct, leaving a positive balance in job creation in the private sector.
Unemployment in the 30-54 age group accounted for 62.59 pct of registered unemployment in the country, in the age group below 30 the rate was 28.02 pct, while in the age group above 55 the rate was 9.39 pct.
Greek citizens accounted for 92.68 pct of unemployed people, while third country citizens accounted for 6.0 pct and EU citizens 1.32 pct.
The number of workers receiving unemployment benefit totaled 198,315 in June, down 11.06 pct from May. New hirings totaled 102,032, down 16.54 pct in the same period and down 13.2 pct compared with June 2010. Lay-offs totaled 72,287 in June, up 51.16 pct from May but down 14.5 pct from June 2010.