Prime Minister George Papandreou arrived on the Aegean island of Kos on Friday, stressing in a meeting with local government officials and business people that the government will not give up the effort to save the country.
"We will continue this battle everywhere - a battle of dignity and pride," Papandreou said, adding that Greece had to put its own house in order.
Papandreou stressed that the world was living through historic moments for the future of Europe and all sides had to take stock of the importance of their decisions. He called on people to "close their ears to the sirens of disaster-mongering".
"The battle will be difficult but we know where we are going and our efforts leads to an exit from the crisis," Papandreou underlined.
The prime minister expressed satisfaction with the growth of tourism in Kos and the other Dodecanese islands and promised that the government will support this trend in order to boost the local economy. He described tourism as the "spearhead" for the country's economic growth.
During the meeting, many proposals were tabled by the representatives of local agencies.
Concluding the meeting, the prime minister said that Greece has great possibilities and that it has proved it.
He said that the problem of bureaucracy should be immediately tackled and changes must be made towards securing decentralization of competencies. 
"In any case," Papandreou added, "we know, as government, where we are heading and we are in the right path."