A police officer serving in the Thessaloniki police headquarters was placed under arrest late on Saturday night by officers from the Katerini police headquarters, on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm and firing his service revolver without proper cause.
The officer became involved in an argument while on holiday in Kallithea, Katerini with a 34-year-old Greek man. During the exchange, he struck the other man in various parts of his body using a non-police-issue telescopic baton and then pulled out his service revolver and fired once into the air and once into the ground in order to intimidate his opponent.
Arresting officers found and confiscated a bullet casing and the baton at the scene.
The 34-year-old was taken to Katerini's General Prefectural Hospital for treatment, while he was also arrested after the police officer involved in the incident filed a suit against him for abuse, issuing threats and simple bodily harm. He was released by order of a public prosecutor.
The police officer under arrest was led before a Katerini misdemeanours court prosecutor and was suspended from duty by decision of the Greek Police headquarters, while he will also be subjected to an internal police inquiry.