General News: Gaza flotilla vessel allowed to sail to Alexandria, Egypt

Τhe French motor cruiser "Dignity", part of the latest flotilla attempting to sail to Gaza, departed on Saturday evening from the Greek isle of Kastellorizo, in the extreme southeastern Aegean.
The vessel, with 16 people on board, was permitted to sail for Alexandria, Egypt, and not to Gaza, which remains under an Israeli naval blockade.
It set sail from Corsica on June 25 and carries, amongst others, French Communist party cadre Jacqueline Le Corret, former French MEP Jean-Claude Lefort, Israeli journalist Amira Haaz, an Al Jazeera TV crew as well as Canadian, French , Greek and Swedish nationals.
The yacht does not carry humanitarian aid, as the other vessels of the flotilla, which remain docked in Greek ports and prevented from heading towards Gaza.

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