Responding to attempts by Health Minister Andreas Loverdos to criticise his own party's past shortcomings, main opposition New Democracy spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis on Sunday described them as a "cynical confession" and proof that PASOK "played political games without caring about the country or the economy".
Speaking on a televised programme, Loverdos had admitted that PASOK had been essentially populist as a main opposition party.
"It said there was money when there wasn't... It did other things, refusing any discussion on structural reforms. It was basically a party that said 'no'," the health minister admitted.
According to ND, the minister's admissions proved that PASOK had knowingly lied to the Greek people in order to get elected and that the party's only goal, over the years, had been to gain power and remain there at all costs.
"The price, however, is now being paid by the citizens and our country," he added.
Replying to Mihelakis' response, Loverdos said that his statements were an attempt to contribute to creating a climate of understanding and that ND's response was "a classic example of the post-junta populist, petty politics that we must overcome in order to be able to offer the people and the country the necessary consensus".