A local man was arrested on Saturday evening for vandalising the Holocaust Memorial in downtown Thessaloniki, the second such incident against the landmark monument in Greece's second biggest city within a month.
According to reports, the alleged vandal spray-painted graffiti and anti-Semitic symbols on the monuments before being accosted by a group of French Jewish tourists visiting the site. The suspect was arrested at the scene and will face a judge on Tuesday.
In a statement condemning the incident, the head of Thessaloniki's Jewish community, David Saltiel, called for the punishment of those found guilty of such actions and additional measures to protect the city's Holocaust Memorial.
More than 50,000 Greek Jews of Thessaloniki were rounded up and sent to death camps by the Nazi occupiers of the country during WWII.
Thessaloniki itself hosted the world's largest Sephardic community up until WWI.