Unveiling plans for the abolition of 27 broader public-sector agencies and organisations on Monday, Administration Reform Minister Dimitris Reppas said the mergers and abolitions will be carried out without making any permanent public-sector staff redundant.
The draft bill being prepared by the ministry calls for the transfer of all permanent employees in the 27 agencies either to the ministries responsible for their oversight or to new bodies that will be created within 15 days of the bill becoming law, at the same pay and under the same insurance regime.
The only proviso is that staff employed with an indefinite contract or permanent civil servants accept their transfer within 15 days of this being posted, or they will be dismissed without compensation.
Those employed on the basis of temporary contracts in the agencies being abolished or merged, as well as the societe anonyme companies being disbanded, will lose their jobs as soon as the legal entities employing them cease to exist.