In a Europe that is being tried today, culture can serve as a bridge to bring the peoples closer and to overcome the existing problems, Belgian ambassador to Greece Marc Van den Reeck said on Monday during a visit to Chania prefecture, on the island of Crete.
The purpose of the visit was to discuss the details of a cultural events programme to be organised by the Belgian Embassy on 18 September at the old port of Chania.
The programme aims at the cultural promotion of Belgium in Greece, the envoy said, noting that the relations between the two countries are traditional and cultural, and run deep.
He said that about 400,000 Belgians visit Greece each year for their holidays, and most of them "not for the sun but for the antiquities and the culture".
The ambassador further said that some 30-40,000 Greeks live in Belgium, taking part in and contributing to the Belgian society, and who are doing well and are concerned about Greece, as is Belgium, at this time.
"We want to send the message that beyond the economic problems we also have, as a country, a country of the same size as Greece, we are helping without a second thought, simply because Europe embraces, and does not reject," he said.
Van den Reeck said that Greece and Belgium have common ties, stressing: "We have a shared past, we are in the same family that is called the European Union, and I believe that at this time we need to show that a Europe exists of friendship and humanity that goes beyond finances".
The Belgian embassy is planning similar events in other cities of the Greek periphery, while a similar cultural event is being organised in Belgium by the municipality of Chania.