A major fire has broke out late on Tuesday near the city of Ioannina in northwestern Greece, between the areas of Asvestohori and Neohoropoulo and quite near the university campus and the city's university hospital. No residential areas have been seriously threatened so far.
The fire began in a rural region of Asvestohori and may have been begun by livestock breeders burning dry grass in their pastures. Due to a stiff breeze of 4-5 Beaufort blowing in the area at the time, the fire quickly got out of hand and a front measuring several kilometres was formed, burning through areas of grass and brush.
The fire brigade has deployed a strong force to put out the blaze, assisted by three Canadair water-bombing aircraft. Fortunately, the fire began a short distance from Ioannina Lake, allowing the aircraft to quickly refill their tanks between drops.
On one side of the front, the flames headed toward houses in Neohoropoulo but were extinguished by fire-fighters and local residents. A second front heading toward the campus and the hospital was also stopped while a strong fire-fighting force has been deployed around the Douroupi dump site in order to prevent the flames reaching the piles of refuse, which would extremely difficult to put out.