The Athens public transport organisation OASA on Wednesday announced sweeping changes to Athens bus routes from this Saturday, in order to improve services to the public and further promote combined use of public transport.
OASA said the new plan was designed to better coordinate bus routes with fixed rail services and to take into account changes in the population distribution in Attica, which has increased and shifted outward to the new and developing suburbs.
It also seeks to meet higher standards of service demanded by the public and take into account the increased cost of owning and running a private car.
The aim is to increase the total number of passenger journeys within the area where OASA operates, so that public transport increases its share of total journeys to 45 percent of the total in the next three years, or seven million journeys per day.
OASA expects that the changes to routes will greatly reduce the distance travelled by buses and reduce the operating cost of running the service, improve the quality of service provided to commuters and reduce environmental pollution around Attica.