The Appeals Justices Council on Wednesday acquitted first-instance court judge Nikos Zagorianos of wrongdoing in his conduct of the investigation into the Siemens kickbacks scandal in Greece.  Zagorianos had been the examining magistrate in charge of the case when the key suspect, Mihalis Christoforakos, was allowed to flee the country to Germany.
The Council's decision acquitted Zagorianos of breach of duty and abuse of authority, finding that neither omissions nor actions by the magistrate during the course of his investigation were linked to Christoforakos' flight.
The decision backs up the findings of the appeals magistrate that originally investigated the charges against Zagorianos, who had recommended that he be acquitted. The Appeals Justices' Council had decided at the time to go ahead with the investigation, however.
In its meeting on Wednesday, it adopted the prosecutor's position that there was insufficient evidence to support the charges.
The magistrate has also been acquitted by a decision of the Supreme Court Areios Pagos of all disciplinary liability.