Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras underlined on Wednesday the need for the European Union to show determination in handling the debt crisis, to promote solutions without a "selective default" and without the participation of the private sector in state bond risk.
In a statement issued ahead of Thursday's crucial European Union summit in Brussels, Samaras noted that the EU "should help in practice the member-states which are facing a problem, for reasons of solidarity but also because otherwise the danger of the crisis being transmitted to the entire Europe, and beyond it, becomes greater."
Outlining the reasons for his objections to the participation of the private sector, the ND leader noted that "the participation of the private sector in the risk of state lending was a wrong choice from the very beginning, which soared the cost of borrowing for the weaker countries and still transmitts the crisis everywhere.The 'selective default' is not a solution. This is what we must avoid. Because it aggravates the problems of liquidity in countries such as Greece."
Concluding Samaras pointed out to the need of supporting growth in countries that are in crisis.