Greek government Vice president and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos will visit Washington early next week, where he will have a series of meetings with top US and International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials.
Venizelos, who arrives in the US capital on Sunday, will meet over the following two days with US administration officials Congressional leaders, as well as with the senior officials of the IMF.
On Monday, Venizelos has a scheduled meeting with the new IMF director general Christine Lagarde.
He will also meet with US government officials in follow-ups to recent talks in Athens with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Treasury Department deputy assistant secretary for Europe and Eurasia Christopher Smart.
On reports and comments over a legislative initiative by eight Republican Senators opposing IMF loans to EU countries, as the US is the largest contributor to the IMF, Venizelos said this does not reflect the official policy of the US administration.
"It is very usual for Senators or US Representatives to undertake various legislative initiatives in Congress, without those reflecting the policy position and line of the US administration," Venizelos said.
Venizelos said that the US position on the international economic and fiscal crisis and more particularly in relation to the eurozone and Greece is publicly known and clear. This also holds true for the US position in the IMF, which is particularly supportive, he said, adding that these matters were discussed in a "very positive and creative spirit" during his recent discussions in Athens with Clinton and Smart.