A fire broke out at the village Styrfaka, 15 kilometres west of the city of Lamia in central Greece, at around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.
Fire-fighters are battling to extinguish the blaze that quickly spread due to strong winds blowing in the area. The flames formed a front around 300m-long that burned through low-growing forest and brush, heading toward the village.
A strong fire-fighting force and two PZT water-bombing aircraft have managed to put out the front that was heading for the village while the flames are continuing to burn westward toward the nearby mountain.
The fire has also temporarily severed the rail connection between Athens and Thessaloniki, with trains stopped as a precaution because the flames are burning close to areas that the rail line passes through.
Greek Railway operators are currently waiting for the all-clear from the fire brigade before they allow trains currently stranded at various points along the route to continue their journey.
In addition to the fire near Lamia, two smaller fires began after 2:00 p.m. in the prefecture of Kozani. The first started in the region of Kontovouni-Vathylakkos and was burning crop residue and grassland. A force of 20 fire-men, 12 vehicles and a 22-strong contingent on foot was sent to put out the blaze.
A second fire that began eight minutes after the first in Ardassa, Ptolemaida is now under partial control after burning 1.5 hectares of dried grass and canes.