Greece's new alternate development minister Haris Pamboukis, who is responsible for shipping affairs, had his first acquaintance meeting in London on Wednesday with the London-based Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee (GSCC).
Discussions focused on matters concerning international shipping, marine education and ways of attracting youths back to the maritime profession, and prospects for evolving Piraeus into a modern international shipping hub.
Pamboukis said that in order to achieve the upgrading of Piraeus, institutional and legislative stability is needed, counter-incentives need to be eliminated, modern infrastructures need to be created, and the infrastructure of maritime education needs to be improved.
Shipping is for Greece one of the pylons for development that can contribute to attainment the national goal of achieving a primary surplus in the near future and reversing the difficult situation in which the country finds itself today, Pamboukis said.
The Greek alternate minister also met with the Greek secretary general of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Efthymios Mitropoulos, with discussions focusing on the environment and reducing pollutants.