An investigation conducted by Greek Police (EL.AS) has revealed possible felonious corruption and bribery involving the director and the president of a city of Athens reception centre for the homeless, it was announced on Friday.
The investigation, which was launched following a report by Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, led on Thursday evening to the arrest of the homeless centre’s director, who stands accused of numerous counts of passive bribery, dereliction of duty and money laundering. The centre’s president, who was elected as a city councilor and appointed deputy mayor, and his 43-year-old associate, are also charged in the case.
According to a police statement, the case was brought to light on July 16 after the head of a private foodstuffs wholesaler, who supplied the homeless centre with pre-prepared food for the past four years, informed the mayor that the centre director had demanded a 10,000-euro kickback to ensure that the company would be treated "favourably" in future tenders and that any outstanding city debts to the company would be settled.   
The company executive also accused the centre president / deputy mayor and his associate of demanding 10 pct of the 406,000 euros the city of Athens owed to the company in order to release the money.