The Greek banking system is the safest in Europe, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said on Friday.
Speaking to reporters a day after an EU Summit agreed on a new support package for Greece, the Greek minister said: "Greek citizens must fell safe as the banking system is stabilized and its liquidity is ensured".
It is apparent, he added, that Europe on Thursday issued a clear declaration in favor of the euro.
Naturally, he said, Greece benefits from this.
There is a big relief for the economy, Venizelos said, adding however that this relief should not mean a relaxation of the efforts. "We must carry on with the implementation of the programme. It is crucial for the Greek economy and for moving on to positive growth rates," he added.
Venizelos said that a "bottom was put to the barrel of the Greek debt", and that the "Greek debt is being shored up", something that is a prerequisite for the country's return to growth rates.