Thursday's eurozone summit decisions on Greece are "historic and unprecedented in generosity and breadth", Greek former finance minister George Papaconstantinou, who now holds the environment and energy portfolio, told a parliamentary committee on Friday.
"It is a decision that gives Greece the time for making changes. It is a decision that vindicates the work that has been done from the outset and all the sacrifices of the Greek people. It is a decision that repels in the clearest way the criticism against the government of not negotiating," said Papaconstantinou.
"Agreed yesterday was everything that we had fought for in the past year. With the decision, the page is turned for our country and now our duty is to do all that we have committed to doing. Greece and the entire eurozone have been shielded," Papaconstantinou added.
Main opposition New Democracy (ND) shadow energy minister Stavros Kalafatis, in turn, said that Thursday was a "significant day for Greece" regardless of how one characterises it, "but the government cannot speak of being vindicated".
"It is a paradox for the government which, with its handlings, led the Greek citizens to Golgotha, to hasten to say it has been vindicated," he said.
Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MP Ioannis Ziogas said that the outcome of the summit on the Greek debt was being presented as a way out and a success, "but that is a lie".
"In essence, it is a controlled default," he said.
Ziogas called on the people to reject "the path of capitalist development", adding that "the solution is write-off of the debt and disengagement from the EU".
Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) MP Alekos Chryssanthakopoulos said that the summit decisions were "putting Greece into a difficult period".
"The euro is saved. But we feel that we are entering a long period of stifling control and pressure in which, in order to survive, we must make efforts," he said, adding that "things will not go smoothly if the plan for recovery of the economy does not succeed".
Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) MP Evangelia Ammanatidou Paschalidou said that the government was rejoicing over Thursday's achievement but "unfortunately, it is the Greek society that is facing the tragic blow of a bankrupt policy".
She warned that there was no future with the government's bankrupt policy.
In a statement on Friday, leader of the Democratic Alliance party Dora Bakoyannis said that the summit decision gave Greece a "deep breather", adding satisfaction that a large part of the proposal put forward by her own party and endorsed by the European Liberals was contained in the eurozone package for Greece.
"Now the ball is in Greece's court," she said, and warned the government against continuing its policy of complacency and inertia.
"The time has come, with the developmental package that has been approved, for the recovery of the Greek economy," Bakoyannis said.