The opposition Communist Party (KKE) on Friday underlined that the new programme for the management of public debt will bring no relief, no benefit to the workers’ and the people’s income.
In a statement issued in response to the outcome of the Eurozone Summit, KKE commented on the essence of the decisions reached and stressed that “this is a small, controlled default under the auspices of the Eurozone; a compromise between the strong EU member-states, the ECB, the IMF and the banks”.
KKE pointed out that “the statements made by the Eurozone leaders confirm its stance according to which, public debt, trade deficits and the general problems in the balance of payments between capitalist economies are manifestations of the capitalist crisis, competitiveness and inequality that were heightened by the EMU and the Eurozone, the market liberalization and the strengthening of the capitalist economies (e.g. China and India) with millions of workers being paid with 19th century day’s wages”.
 “No capitalist development programme, like the so-called ‘European Marshall plan,’ will be able to relieve the wage earners and pensioners who are being faced with poverty in Greece and other countries,” KKE stressed, adding that “the only way out for the workers and the popular majority is the struggle aimed at overturning the rule of the capital”.