Alternate finance minister Pantelis Economou urged Greeks who have deposited their money abroad to repatriate the money, in an interview with a Sunday newspaper.
In an interview appearing in Proto Thema weekly newspaper, Economou opined that the recent decisions by the eurozone summit in Brussels and the opening up of opportunities for productive investments in Greece will lead to the return of those deposits to Greece, and reminded the undeclared income from interest may be declared to the Tax Bureau in a supplementary income tax statement without facing fines.
On the decisions taken in Brussels for Greece, Economou said that the risk of default has permanent been averted, while he also pledged that injustices that have arisen from the government's austerity measures will be corrected.

Foreign Exchange rates – Monday
Reference buying rates per euro released by the European Central Bank:
U.S. dollar 1.460
Pound sterling 0.895
Danish kroner 7.565
Swedish kroner 9.214
Japanese yen  114.52
Swiss franc  1.196
Norwegian kroner 7.884
Canadian dollar  1.386
Australian dollar  1.343