"In these difficult hours, the only criterion is the collective, the national, interest," main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras said Sunday in a message marking the 37th anniversary of the restoration of democracy in Greece.
"We honor the restoration of democracy. We pay tribute to the champions of the restoration and the fighters against the seven-year dictatorship, while at the same time we commit ourselves to a new era that puts an end to the present political lack of credibility, the morose reality and the social despair," Samaras said in a written message.

"In these difficult hours, our only criterion is the collective, the national, interest. It is faith in the Greece of culture and history. It is the common struggle of the people of this land, for the rebirth of the lost hope through development and justice, with national self-confidence and dignity for all the Greeks," Samaras said.