A second consignment of electricity generators from Greece arrived at the Cyprus port of Limassol on Monday. The generators were provided to Cypriot authorities by Greece's Public Power Corporation following the tragic accident at a navy base on July 11, which seriously damaged one of the country's main power plants.
The first and larger consignment of generators from Greece had arrived on the island on Saturday.
The containers containing the equipment have been unloaded and are now stored at Limassol port before they are carried to Vassiliko. When delivery is complete, there will be more than 150 containers of machinery that will require an entire fleet of trucks to transport.
The equipment sent by Greece is expected to generate up to 70 MW electricity.
The European Commission is covering 50 percent of the transport costs of the machinery, which comes to one million euro.
The first generators are expected to go online on August 15, according to Cyprus' regulatory authority for energy.