Visiting Greek government vice-president and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos met here on Monday with US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner with talks focusing on the new environment created after a Eurozone summit decision regarding the Greek debt last week.
The two ministers exchanged views on developments, the efforts deployed by the Greek government for reforms as well as on issues regarding the US budget and fiscal situation.
According to a diplomatic source, the intention of Washington to help Greece in "the most creative manner" both through the International Monetary Fund and on a bilateral level, was also discussed.
  Venizelos began his official visit to the US capital earlier on Monday with a meeting with Greece’s representative to the International Monetary Fund and other IMF officials, followed by a meeting with the chief executive of the Institute of International Finance (IIF), Charles Dallara.

The Greek minister discussed with Dallara the start of the implemention process of the Eurozone summit decisions last week and the form of participation by the private sector in the program regarding the Greek debt's viability. Reports said that the process is under the Greek government's control while the first international working meeting will be held in Athens on July 28.
In a brief address to IIF's officials, Venizelos underlined the Greek government's determination to proceed without delays in its program of necessary reforms.
"The protection and the viability of the Greek public debt is a measure of self-protection for the euro, as well as for the Eurozone," he noted.
"We must all - the IMF, the IIF, the US government, the European Union, the European Central Bank - send from here, a clear and strong message: We have a program, we believe in its implementation and its prospects and we will achieve our common goals," Venizelos added.    
Venizelos will also meet with leading members of the US Congress, Tim Johnson and John Kerry, while he will address the Peterson Institute for International Economics on “Greek crisis: challenges and opportiunities”.

Greek FinMin Venizelos meets IMF general director Lagarde

Visiting Greek government vice-president and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos met here on Monday with the new International Monetary Fund general director, Christine Lagarde.
The meeting, which according to Greek sources was held in a "very good climate", was also attended by top IMF officials.
"The IMF's stance is very positive, but of course everything depends on us. Everything depends on our capability in implementing the program and register concrete results. If we implement the program and if we show results the IMF and the international community will continue their support to Greece until it restores its fiscal sovereignty and independence," Venizelos told reporters afterwards.