The opening night of the Greek National Opera's production of Giuseppe Verdi's 'Nabucco' took place at the historic Herod Atticus Theatre beneath the Acropolis on Tuesday night. The performance began at 9:00 p.m. and ended a few minutes before midnight, while the opera will run for four nights, until July 29.
'Nabucco' was Verdi's third opera and the one that helped establish his reputation as a composer, remaining very popular until the present day. Conducting the National Opera's orchestra and choir for the performance is Ilias Voudouris, while the director was Vassilis Nikolaidis and the costumes and sets were the work of Yiannis Metzikoff.
Established Greek and foreign artists will interpret the leading parts in the opera.

Metro timetable extended for 'Nabucco' audience

In view of the ongoing taxi strike, meanwhile, the management of the Athens metro has announced that there will be extra late-night trains running until the early hours of Wednesday morning in order to assist people attending the opening night to get home.
The decision was taken at the request of the National Opera and will apply to both metro lines, while there will also be enough time to change trains onto the ISAP electric railway.