Administrative Reform and e-Governance Minister Dimitris Reppas on Tuesday held a meeting with department heads at the ministry and the agencies it oversees, in which he outlined the policy that the ministry's leadership intends to follow and urged them to have "an open mind, open doors and open processes".
Reppas had held a similar meeting earlier in July with ministry general directors and managers.
The minister underlined that public administration had to be made "extroverted" for the good of the citizens and the country and stressed the need for simplification and transparency in its processes so that it could fulfill its developmental role.
"Our aim is not to computerise bureaucracy but to simplify procedures," he underlined.
He also stressed, in relation to new staff assessment procedures, that the state wanted the best people in positions of responsibility but that the quality of their work must have an impact on promotions and pay.
The minister noted that a reorganisation of the National Centre for Public Administration in collaboration with the equivalent French school was a step in this direction.