Police in Komotini, northern Greece, on Wednesday arrested six Pakistani nationals on charges of kidnapping fellow Pakistanis to extort ransom money from their relatives.
Police raided a house in the village of Aratos, Rodopi prefecture, and arrested six Pakistanis aged from 17 to 39, who were holding 63 other Pakistanis captive for ransom, and freed the captives.
An investigation initially turned up that the gang initially picked up Pakistani nationals from the Evros region who had police documentation allowing them to leave Greece in a space of 30 days. The gang members would then take the documentation from the Pakistani nationals and lock them up in the house in Aratos where they held them captive through the use of force and threats.
The next move by the gang was to contact the captives' relatives and ask for ransom to release them.
The six detainees will appear before a Rodopi prosecutor.