Greece and Germany on Wednesday reaffirmed their interest in promoting business cooperation between the two countries, during a telephone conversation between Greek Development, Competitiveness and Shipping Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis and his German counterpart Philip Roesler, who is expected to pay an official visit to Athens after August 15, as head of a group of experts and German businessmen.
The telephone call, followed a conference between 30 business groups held in Berlin. A ministry statement said the German private sector’s investment interest in Greece was real and strong and was focusing on sectors such as improving business environment, promoting foreign direct investments in energy, tourism, waste management, telecoms and infrastructure, boosting liquidity and finding alternative sources of funding for small and medium sized enterprises.
The Greek minister called for the active participation and support of the European Investment Bank in funding the country’s real economy, while the German minister pledged that a group of German experts and officials from KfW, the German investment bank, were examining the possibility of offering know-how to the Greek government over the set up of a Greek investment bank.
“Today’s conference of business groups in Berlin, under German Economy Minister, proves that a strong alliance for growth is developing between Greece and Germany, step-by-step. Enhancing bilateral economic cooperation is of strategic importance, not only to overcome the economic crisis, but mainly to build a new healthy and sustainable growth model,” Chryssohoidis said in a statement.