The history of ancient Macedonia from the Mycenaean era in the Bronze Age up until late antiquity will be on display in the exhibition entitled “Ancient Macedonia: In the Kingdom of Alexander the Great” to be hosted at the Louvre Museum from Oct. 13, 2011 until Jan. 16, 2012.
The exhibition will include more than 600 artifacts and is the product of cooperation between Greek and French experts. Its main purpose is to introduce the archaeological wealth of
northern Greece to the French and international visitors of one of the greatest museums in the world.  
The artifacts to be exhibited are findings of archaeological excavations in the province of Macedonia in northern Greece over the past 30 years.
The exhibits will include artifacts that will be loaned by the Greek ministry of culture as well as Macedonian antiquities that belong to Louvre collections since the 19th century. In return, the Louvre will loan to the northern city of Thessaloniki a number of extraordinary masterpieces that belong to its collections, to be exhibited in the city’s five museums in 2012.